About us

Our company

MCUK is a small independent company we find vintage and retro items from wherever we can, we love these items but can't keep them so it suffices to own them briefly and find new loving homes for them (OK some find long term homes with me!)

We also craft some of our own bespoke items like our Mad-Clox and Looney-Lampz . If you have an idea you want us to realise for you then drop us a line and we will see what we can do..

 Our team

Presently the team consists of...Well it's me Rob and my son Toby. 


We have a long history on ebay over nearly 20 years,  honestly I think I have had 5 Negative feedbacks in thousands of transactions none of which were even valid..

I will update as we generate new customer feedback.

Projects and other...

As well as a full time job and running MCUK... I also build electronics projects, fix my cars and help Toby with his dream to become a stage lighting engineer.